Tips to Make Your Home Cozier For The Fall

Tips to Make Your Home Cozier For The Fall

The days are beginning to get shorter and our cozy sweaters make their much anticipated return. Fall is here, which means it’s time to get ready for the cooler weather and seasonal festivities!

One of the best ways to prepare for cold weather is by making your home cozier. It doesn’t matter if you live in a house, apartment, or even an RV – there are still many opportunities for transforming your living space into a comfy fall oasis.

In this article, we’ll explore some creative tips to make your home cozier for the fall. You’ll discover how easy it is to make any space warm and inviting with the right colors, accessories, and decorations!


Adding blankets in your living space is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make it look warm and cozy for fall. Soften the atmosphere by draping knits throws over a sofa or armchair, or spread out a patterned quilt on your bed.

You can find tons of cozy blankets available in beautiful colors and patterns that will blend seamlessly with your existing decor. Plus, you’ll love snuggling up in them when temperatures start to drop.

Aside from providing warmth, blankets also add texture and personality to any room’s style. They are a low-cost way to transform any area of your home into the perfect setting for fall evenings.

For added coziness, opt for heavier pieces made of fabrics like wool or velvet which will keep you extra snug without compromising visual impact!


Adding pillows to your favorite couch or chairs is an easy way to make your home instantly cozier. Chunky and faux fur styles will take any space from blah to warm and inviting in no time!

Make sure you don’t go too overboard when adding accent pillows though. Too much of a good thing can become overwhelming.

Stick with 3-4 different colors and textures, layering them on furniture for maximum “snug” factor. Play around with lots of sizes, shapes, and even levels of stuffing- maybe even try a floor pillow for extra added fun!

No matter the combination you choose, you’ll find that adding pillows will help to define your fall aesthetic easily and without any effort!

Fall Candles

Adding fall-scented candles to your home is a great way to make it cozier. Candles not only give off cozy light and wonderful fragrance, they can also fill an entire room with fantastic aromas.

Fall scented candles come in a variety of aromas such as pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, and evergreen. Now that the weather is getting cooler and you’re spending more time indoors, why not indulge yourself in the smell of fall by burning some seasonal scented candles?

Not only do these items help bring out the warmth of fall inside your home, but they also make for really nice decorative accents if placed on a shelf or coffee table. Plus, no one can resist their warm flickering light!

Bonus tip: try collecting various sizes and shapes of candles so that you can mix them up depending on how much space you want to occupy with your décor!

Table Setting

When the fall season arrives, it’s time to get your home ready for cozy dinners. Creating the perfect table setting is a must if you want to make your home cozier in the fall.

A luxuriously set table makes for better conversation and more meaningful connections. So, let’s explore all of the ways you can set your table this fall!

Choose a unique center piece as the focal point of your seasonal tablescape. Candles in copper holders and warm colored pumpkins all make striking displays around which you can arrange dishes, cutlery and linens.

To create an inviting atmosphere without overwhelming your guests, opt for neutral linens with cloth napkins tucked into the side plates for a warm effect and be sure to use warm tones that are gentle on everyone’s’ eyes.

Bring Natural Elements Inside

Bringing natural elements inside is the easiest way to make your home cozier for the fall. Natural elements, like wood and stones, give your space a rustic feel that’s perfect for cooler weather.

Plus, there are a ton of creative ways you can use them in decorating! Hang wooden signs with uplifting messages, add stone candle holders to your mantelpiece, or bring in some branches from outside that you can style into gorgeous centerpieces.

Adding nature into your home will instantly create an inviting environment for family, friends and guests. Putting lovely combinations of twigs and foliage on tables or laying stones around entryways will make your home look warm and cozy as soon as anyone walks through the door!

And it doesn’t cost much either—natural materials are usually very cheap so you won’t break the bank redecorating for fall.

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